selection practice

We provide organizations with data-driven insight to select appropriate talent and develop leadership that is crucial to success. We use a proprietary scientist-practitioner model. Our methodology includes qualitative and quantitative analyses that results in an effective combination of theory and practice.



Executive Assessment

Selection is one of the most critical processes in the study of work behaviour because it determines the efficacy of many other issues within human resource management. Selection is a process of decision-making, and its main objective is to predict the future performance of potential employees. We identify the individual requirements of job performance and utilize a tailored combination of bio-data collection and predictor constructs within a clinical-actuarial framework. This methodology allows us to recognize the strength of individual differences.

We use our proprietary method to conduct an in-depth interview to identify a person’s track record of performance.  This helps predict whether they can achieve a specific set of objectives in their current or future role.  

*It is important to note that workplace psychology and its practice is not related to clinical psychology. Valide or its members or consultants do not practice clinical psychology. We offer management consulting services.