Organization and Strategy

We customize our role to suit each project, but our main areas of service include:

Concept Development

We work with clients to develop their core project concept, based on its appeal, functionality and sustainability.

Business Planning

We provide clients with independent, objective and highly credible analysis of projected operating revenues and expenses.

Strategic Planning

Organizations succeed when they plan. We work with you to develop a clear roadmap for the next three to five years. We focus on specific goals, measurable objectives, and tasks that will inspire people within your organization to work toward a common vision.

Institutional Planning

By analyzing your organizational structure, and assessing the context in which your institution functions, we can identify ways to improve internal structure and external relations.

Remediation & Mediation

We assist cultural entities with mediation and remediation strategy and act as subject matter experts and representatives in negotiation.

Contract Analysis

We offer contract and negotiation services as subject matter experts.

Training and Change Management

We can help manage change and development through workshops and skills training for both new and existing staff.

Owner’s Representation

We often represent a Board, Director or Client over the course of a project.

Cultural Planning

We take stock of existing cultural resources and develop a plan maintaining, enhancing, and developing them so that they continue to improve lives, community vitality, livability and success.