helixed talent.



Robert Sleight has many years of professional experience evaluating and developing executive, managerial, and team talent. He has expert skills in non-adjacency, also called the "double helix" - skills that effectively combine business strategy, law, and psychological analysis for the workplace.

Robert earned his doctorate (PhD) in industrial-organizational psychology* (quantitative) at the University of Georgia, consistently one of the world's top tier I-O programs. He also has a law degree and master’s degrees in taxation, business, and psychology.  He has “Big-4” accounting experience, has served as a Managing Director/COO of a multi-national corporation, and most recently has worked with North America's premier executive assessment firm as a subject matter expert (SME) and external consultant.

Robert currently serves as a Director of the Art Gallery of Alberta and is Director & Vice-President, Latitude 53 Society of Artists. He recently completed a three year appointment as a Director for the Works International Visual Arts Society.

Robert leverages a network of other seasoned professionals as necessary to ensure we have the right team in place to serve client needs.

*United States Engagements: (225 ILCS 15/4) (from Ch. 111, par. 5354) Sec. 4. Application of Act. (f) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit the activities and use of the title "psychologist" on the part of a person who practices psychology and (i) who possesses a doctoral degree earned in a program concentrated primarily on the study of psychology; and (ii) whose services involve the development and application of psychological theory and methodology to problems of organizations and problems of individuals and groups in organizational settings; and provided further that such person is not in any manner held out to the public as practising clinical psychology and is not held out to the public by any title, description or designation stating or implying that he or she is a clinical psychologist unless he or she has been licensed under the provisions of this Act. Canadian Engagements:  Research scientist and management/HR consulting services are offered and billed in US funds.